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About Campbell's Loft

Buy Mid-Century, Retro and Industrial age furniture, modern shag rugs, vintage dresses, decorative accessories, lighting and chandeliers, dresses and vintage fabrics of the 60’s and 70’s. We offer period Op Art, Pop Art, fiberglass and plastic furniture, lamps, chairs, tables, bookcases and desks. You will find the best of Space Age, 60’s 70’s Eames, Knoll, Panton, and Danish era under our roof.

Why buy new retro fashions, fabrics, furniture or rugs, when you can buy the original vintage pieces? Our vintage sixties and seventies are woven in the USA to craft standards not found anymore. Today’s manufacturer’s are unable to copy the colors of the Space Age and Atomic era, the paletta of Werner Panton; Chartreuse, avocado, browns, oranges, yellows, the blues.

Campbell’s Loft specialize in vintage mid-century modern retro shag and Danish Rya Rugs. We have the widest selection of mod Pop Art wool rugs, in round as well as rectangle designs, from the US and Europe. Our collection of rare, never used vintage fabrics, is available to recover your favorite sofa or chair. Using a vintage mod fabric will make your modern furniture a unique work of art. Our wide variery of furniture, lighting, and furnishings for your loft apartment, mid-century home, atomic ranch, 60’s split level or Danish modern apartment will make your home stand out.

Midcentury Modern Loft Gallery selling icons of modern furniture and decorative accessories of the 1950’s , 1960’s ,1970’s. Op Art , fiberglass and plastic furniture , shag rugs , lamps , chairs , tables , art and vintage fabrics. The best of the Eames , Knoll, Panton, Danish era.

Specializing in Danish Rya, German Desso, and other mid-century modern Op Art carpet. Wide selection of new never used vintage fabrics , available to recover your favorite modern sofa or chair. Wide variety of furniture, lighting, and furnishings for your loft apartment , midcentury modern home , atomic ranch, 60’s splitlevel or Danish modern apartment.

Vintage 60’s and 70’s carpet are like paintings. They are art for the floor. The Panton, Eames, and Kartell era space age carpet are a focal point for the room, and tie furnishings together. We buy the finest Op Art and Pop Art Mod Shag carpet, in mint condition. We focus on the bold design motifs and vintage palette of vibrant colors and that disappeared in the 1970’s. Cambells Loft also has Danish sculptural art design carpet, intended for wall hangings.

Enjoy shopping in our Campbell’s Loft Department Store!