These collector peices will stand out as a pieces of art as mid century modern history in your home.

Campbell's loft has the largest collection of the mid century modern vintage danish shags rugs in the greater NYC Metropoltian Area. Our rugs collection is one of a kind and we only buy and sell rugs that have no major flaws.

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we also have vintage furniture
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We have a collection of over 800+ rugs, textiles, and vintage modern furniture to accessorise the most eclectic taste.

Our naming and cataloging system is our own unless clearly labeled, they are just descriptions to help us stay organized.



  • All rugs have been professionally cleaned.
  • Items are vintage and are at least 30 years old and will show some signs of use.
  • All Sales Final, No Refunds.
  • Personal inspections available by appointment.
  • All photos are taken in natural light, no Photoshop, flash or photo enhancement of any photos.
  • We only sell items that do not have damages, holes, breaks, etc. Any flaws will be shown in the pictures.
  • Rugs have not been used on our floor,
    beside for the photo-shoot.
  • Our rugs are stored in a climate controlled,
    dust&light free storage area.

Keep rugs away from open flame or sparks, ( we can repair and restore if it happens)

Rugs have been prevously loved.Provied with shipment will be information to aclumatue them to your domicle.
We suggest giving them a day to rest after shipping.


These vintage shag carpets are very difficult to find in good condition.
We are searching worldwide to bring you only the finest survivors of the mid century era.


Beware of rugs called 'rya' that are made in india or china. Those are cheap copies made from a computer image. Most likely you will see a computer photo of a vintage rug but not the real real item our rugs are from our personal collection.


Isolate from caustic substances; such as acids and shrooms.